Astr 328 Midterm Exam Questions

There will be three questions taken from this list. You should plan on spending ~ 2-3 bluebook pages answering each one.
  1. You are interested in studying the structure of an elliptical galaxy believed to be roughly at the distance of the Virgo cluster, but need a good distance measurement first. What are the possible techniques, and which would you choose? Why?
  2. Describe how Type Ia supernovae can be used as a distance indicator. Be sure to describe the physical processes involved.
  3. Explain how the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect is used to measure the Hubble constant, and discuss sources of uncertainty.
  4. Write down the Freidman equation, and describe each term. Using the Friedman equation, derive the following for an Omega=1, Lambda=0 universe.
  5. Explain the test behind the supernova cosmology project, and the recent results from this project.
  6. Describe what we mean by "peaks" in the power spectrum of the microwave background. What causes these peaks, and what do they tell us about the Universe?
  7. Describe how globular cluster ages are determined, and how these ages constrain the cosmological parameters which describe the universe. Be specific!
  8. Describe the four classical tests of cosmology, and what data you might need for each one. Explain which of the tests, if any, are providing good tests of cosmology today.
  9. Describe the Tully-Fisher relationship (including its physical implications). Discuss the data you need to measure H0 with Tully-Fisher, and explain how the cluster incompleteness bias can influence your answer.
  10. Describe the five foundations of modern cosmology.