Telescope Allocation Committee Assignment

Here is a (bookmarked!) PDF file containing all the proposals.

You will be assigned as a lead reviewer on two proposals, and a secondary reviewer on another four (these assignments will be emailed out individually). Your written assignment is as follows:


  • Do not reveal to others which proposals you are primary reviewer on.
  • You cannot talk about the proposals with the author while you are reviewing (this is redundant with the rule above, but is worth spelling out explicitly!)
  • Your review will be shared with the author after the TAC process is complete, but your name will be redacted from your review.

  • On Thu Dec 3rd, we will have the TAC discussion in class. There will be two separate TACs, assigned as follows (the asterisk denotes the TAC Chairperson):

    TAC 1
    TAC 2
    Baumann Harrigal
    Brandt Pantell
    Bush Saleh
    Olivier* Shukayr
    Prchlik Tarantino*
    Smith Tobar

    On this day, bring TWO COPIES of your reviews: one to turn in to me, one to have for your own use in the discussion.

    Each TAC will discuss proposals written by the PIs in the other TACs -- you will not discuss proposals written by your fellow TAC members. For each proposal, there will be a ten minute discussion led by the primary reviewer, but involving all members of the TAC. After this discussion, each TAC member will privately grade the proposal on a scale from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor). You are allowed to change your score from your initial written review if you feel that is appropriate based on the discussion. Note that it is very important to keep to the timed schedule -- it's the TAC Chair's task to make sure that their TAC stays on schedule.

    At the end of the TAC meetings, each person will turn in their final ratings to me, the Chair of the Super TAC. At that point, I will average all the ratings for each proposal, and that average will be the proposal's final score. If there are any ties at that point, I will break the tie with my own evaluation. The top three proposals will be awarded prizes.

    General Guidelines for your reviews (particularly for the primary reviews):


    For course grade purposes, your written reviews will be graded based on the quality of your review and how well you follow those guidelines. However, your evaluation of the other proposals will not impact what grade I give to those proposals themselves.