Observing Proposal project

Here's the situation: the National Observatory has announced that there will be several nights of "Director's Discretionary Time" available on various telescopes over the next 12 months. Time is available at two observatories, Kitt Peak National Observatory (in Arizona) and Cerro-Tololo Inter-American Observatory (in Chile). At each observatory, there are two telescopes available for time: a 4-meter telescope and a 0.9-meter telescope. In all cases, only imaging time is available (no spectroscopy), and the detectors are as follows:

Your task is to write an observing proposal to use one (or both) of these facilities to do some science.
Things to consider:

Proposal Structure and Format

Note: the page length descriptions by section are different from what you see in the example proposals. Follow the instructions here!

The proposal should be written single-spaced in 12 point font with 1 inch margins. Page length guidelines follow this format.

Cover Page (one page maximum):

Scientific Justification (one page). If you're writing less than this, you're not being thorough; if you're writing more, you're not editing yourself well.):

Figures and References (a page or two max):

Technical Description of Observations (one page):
Other Notes:
Proposal Review Criteria

Possible Projects (the list is endless!)