ASTR 151: Doing Astronomy

ASTR 151 is a one credit hour course for 1st or 2nd year students interested in studying astronomy. The class consists of a series of seminars from members of the astronomy department describing various topics in astronomy, with a focus on departmental research and student activities.

Course Time/Location: Mondays 4-4:50, Sears 552

Faculty contact: Professor Chris Mihos (Sears 557,

Course expectations:
On-time attendance is required. Some weeks there will be a short reading assignment to prepare for the talk. These readings should be done before class meets.
Grading: The course is graded pass/fail, based on attendance. More than three unexcused absences will be grounds for failure.


Jan 11

Jan 18
No class (MLK Day)

Jan 25
Prof Chris Mihos
The Violent Lives of Cluster Galaxies
(reading: How Galaxies Grow)
Feb 1
Prof Idit Zehavi
Large Scale Structure and Galaxy Clustering
Feb 8
Aaron Watkins
The Faint Outskirts of Spiral Galaxies
Feb 15
Dr Marcel Pawlowski
Dwarf Galaxies in the Local Group
Feb 22
Astronomy Seniors
How to Survive Life as an Astronomy Student
Feb 29
Jay Franck
Galaxies in the Early Universe
Mar 7
No class (Spring Break)

Mar 14
Prof Stacy McGaugh
Dark Matter in Galaxies
Mar 21
Dr Paul Harding
Astronomy Research in Large Collaborations
Mar 28
Prof Earle Luck
Stellar Spectroscopy and Chemical Abundances
Apr 4
Jason Davis (CMNH)
Astronomy and Public Outreach
Apr 11
Prof Heather Morrison
Galactic Archaeology
Apr 18
Dr Federico Lelli
Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies
Apr 25
Jakub Prchlik
The Halo of our Milky Way

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